February 5, 2006

Northern Colorado vs. Cal State Fullerton Live Results

Northern Colorado vs. Cal State Fullerton
Saturday, Feb. 11, 2006
Greeley, Colo. (Butler-Hancock Sports Pavilion)

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Weight Wrestlers Result Score
174 Exh. Ryan Johnson (NCOL) vs. Ryan Budd (CSF) Budd by tech. fall, 20-5 No score
184 Tim Sexton (NCOL) vs. Jesse Taylor (CSF) Taylor by maj. dec., 11-1 0-4
197 No. 19 Reece Hopkin (NCOL) vs. Chris Chambers (CSF) Hopkin by major dec., 13-5 4-4
HWT Justin Tuell (NCOL) vs. Matt Methling (CSF) Methling by dec., 9-5 4-7
125 Beau Hessler (NCOL) vs. Curtis Schurkamp (CSF) Hessler by dec., 4-3 7-7
133 Forfeit (NCOL) vs. TJ Dillashaw (CSF) Dillashaw by forfeit 7-13
141 Richard Lohr (NCOL) vs. Joaquin Carlos (CSF) Lohr by dec., 7-2 10-13
149 Kyle LeValley (NCOL) vs. Morgan Atkinson (CSF) Atkinson by dec., 10-3 10-16
157 Nathan Gerrard (NCOL) vs. Bryan Tice (CSF) Tice by dec., 10-7 10-19
165 Devan Lewis (NCOL) vs. Risto Marttinen (CSF) Marttinen by maj. dec., 13-3 10-23
174 Shawn Hart (NCOL) vs. Ian Murphy (CSF) Hart by dec., 7-3 13-23