November 19, 2011

Three Bears win titles at Old Chicago Open

GREELEY – Senior transfer Gabe Burak walked away from the Old Chicago Northern Colorado Open with the Outstanding Wrestler Award after winning the 165-pound bracket for the hosts.

Burak is in his first season with Northern Colorado after transferring Penn, and was one of three Bears to win titles at the annual home tournament. Junior Casey Cruz also won the 141-pound bracket and freshman Henry Chirino won the 285-pound title competing unattached.

Burak went 4-0 in the tournament with two pins and two decisions and both pins were in the first period.

Cruz won the title this season, after losing in the championship match a year ago. This season, Cruz went 4-0 and he also had two falls and two decision wins. In the finals, he squared off with freshman Nick Adams, who competed unattached, and won 6-3 over his daily practice partner.

Chirino also posted a 4-0 record on the day and his final two wins were both in overtime. His opponents never scored more than two points on him in a bout.

Junior Sam Bauer won five of his six matches on the day to place third at 133 pounds and three of his victories were for bonus points as he had one fall, one technical fall and one major decision.

Sophomore Charlie McMartin took fourth at 157 pounds, while junior Jacob Milewski was fifth. The pair faced each other in the consolation semifinals with McMartin winning an 8-5 decision. McMartin then went on to the third-place match, where he lost a technical fall, 17-2 against Jon Gappmaier from Colorado Mesa. Milewski won the fifth-place bout over Andre Orr from Utah Valley in a major decision, 15-5.

At 184 pounds, sophomore Cody McAninch finished fourth after a tough day on the mat. In the quarterfinals, McAninch was punched at the end of the first period by Utah Valley's Dominic Borelli, who was immediately disqualified from the tournament. He lost in the semifinals, but bounced back for a tech fall win over Alex Levtushenko from Northwest Kansas Tech, 18-0 in 5:38. McAninch then lost an 11-8 decision to Colorado School of Mines' Ryan Swanson in the third-place match.

Northern Colorado heads to Sin City for the prestigious Las Vegas Cliff Keen Invitational on Dec. 2-3. The next home event for the Bears isn't until Jan. 25 when they welcome Colorado Mesa back to Butler-Hancock.

Attendance: 557
Outstanding Wrestler: Gabe Burak
Most Pins: Jade Rauser, Utah Valley – Unattached

Jesse Meis, 125 pounds (1-2)
Cons. Round 4: Miguel Guzman (Northwest Kansas Tech) major Jesse Meis, 11-1
Quarterfinals: Jade Rauser (Unat) fall Jesse Meis, 1:02
Second Round: Jesse Meis received a bye
First Round: Jesse Meis dec. Richard Leal (Wayland Baptist), 10-3

Sam Bauer, 133 pounds (5-1), Third Place
Third-Place: Sam Bauer fall Dustin Stiegemeyer (Western State), 4:57
Cons. Semis: Sam Bauer dec. Derek Malan (Utah Valley), 1-0
Semifinals: Matt Greene (Western State) major Sam Bauer, 9-0
Quarterfinals: Sam Bauer major Caleb Walker (Western Wyoming), 14-0
Second Round: Sam Bauer dec. Justin Gardner (Northwest Wyoming CC), 11-6
First Round: Sam Bauer tech fall Matt Dunham (Western State), 17-0

Casey Cruz, 141 pounds (4-0), First Place
Finals: Casey Cruz dec. Nick Adams (Unat), 6-3
Semifinals: Casey Cruz dec. Avery Garner (Utah Valley), 10-5
Quarterfinals: Casey Cruz fall Bryan Garcia (Unat), 4:31
Second Round: Casey Cruz fall Caesar Alvarez (Wayland Baptist), 4:46

Charlie McMartin, 157 pounds (5-2), Fourth Place
Third-Place: Jon Gappmaier (Colorado Mesa) tech fall Charlie McMartin, 17-2
Cons. Semifinals: Charlie McMartin dec. Jacob Milewski, 8-5
Cons. Round 5: Charlie McMartin vs C. Cuthbertson (Unat)
Cons. Round 4: Charlie McMartin dec. K. Nieto (Western State), 3-1
Cons. Round 3: Charlie McMartin tech fall Taylor Ross (Western Wyoming), 21-6
Cons. Round 2:  Charlie McMartin fall Chase Maddock (Unat), 1:59
First Round: Chase Cuthbertson (Unat) major Charlie McMartin, 14-6

Jacob Milewski, 157 pounds (4-2), Fifth Place
Fifth-Place: Jacob Milewski major Andrew Orr (Utah Valley), 15-5
Cons. Semifinals: Charlie McMartin dec. Jacob Milewski, 8-5
Semifinals: Nap Aniciete (Utah Valley) dec. Jacob Milewski, 6-3
Quarterfinals: Jacob Milewski dec. Andrew Orr (Utah Valley), 8-6
Second Round: Jacob Milewski OT Taylor Ross (Western Wyoming), 8-6
First Round: Jacob Milewski major Tyler Miles (Colorado Mesa), 14-4

Gabe Burak, 165 pounds (4-0), First Place
Finals: Gabe Burak dec. Ethan Smith (Utah Valley), 6-3
Semifinals: Gabe Burak fall Dylan Bushby (Western Wyoming), 1:31
Quarterfinals: Gabe Burak dec. Jordan Larsen (Colorado Mines), 5-0
Second Round: Gabe Burak fall Caleb Wyatt (Colorado Mesa), 3:00
First Round: Gabe Burak received a bye

Josh Van Tine, 174 pounds (3-2)
Cons. Round 5: B. Sheldon (Colorado Mines) major Josh Van Tine, 10-1
Cons. Round 4: Josh Van Tine dec. R. Davis (Colorado Mines), 5-4
Cons. Round 3: Josh Van Tine dec. Cody Harris (Northwest Kansas Tech), 6-4
Cons. Round 2: Josh Van Tine fall Johnny Reardon (Northwest Kansas Tech), 2:33
Second Round: Konnor Witt (Air Force Prep) dec. Josh Van Tine, 8-2
First Round: Josh Van Tine receive a bye

Cody McAninch, 184 pounds (3-2), Fourth Place
Third-Place: Ryan Swanson (Colorado Mines) dec. Cody McAninch, 11-8
Cons. Semis: Cody McAninch tech fall Alex Levtushenko (Northwest Kansas Tech), 18-0 (5:28)
Semifinals: Nick Petersen (Colorado Mesa) dec. Cody McAninch, 10-3
Quarterfinals: Cody McAninch flagrant misconduct win over Dominic Borelli (Utah Valley), 3:00
Second Round: Cody McAninch dec. Mario Garcia (Unat), 4-3
First Round: Cody McAninch received a bye

Nick Bayer, 197 pounds (1-2)
Cons. Round 4: Mark Morrill (Unat) forfeit Nick Bayer
Quarterfinals: Sam Mangum (Western State) dec. Nick Bayer, 7-2
Second Round: Nick Bayer dec. Aaron Phillps (Unat), 6-2
First Round: Nick Bayer received a bye

Competing Unattached:
Nick Adams, 141 pounds (3-1), Second Place

Finals: Casey Cruz dec. Nick Adams (Unat), 6-3
Semifinals: Nick Adams dec. Sam Mecham (Utah Valley), 9-4
Quarterfinals: Nick Adams tech fall Victor Thomas (Wayland Baptist), 15-0
Round 2: Nick Adams fall Colton Thornton (Northwest Wyoming CC), 6:54

Garrett Vasquez, 149 pounds (1-2)
Cons. Round 2:  Collin Goraham (Unat) fall Garrett Vasquez, 5:54
Second Round: Trevor Donarski (Colorado Mesa) dec. Garrett Vasquez, 3-0
First Round: Garrett Vasquez fall Cooper Newby (Colorado Mines), 4:33

Nick Alspaugh, 157 pounds (0-2)
Cons. Round 2:  Austin Harris (Western State) dec. Nick Alspaugh, 6-2
Second Round: Jon Gappmaier (Colorado Mesa) major Nick Alspaugh, 12-4
First Round: Nick Alspaugh received a bye

Jarrod Betchtold, 165 pounds (1-2)
Cons. Round 4: John Combs (Colorado-Club) dec Jarrod Betchtold, 10-9
Quarterfinals: Ethan Smith (Utah Valley) tech fall Jarrod Betchtold, 20-2 (6:03)
Second Round: Jarrod Betchtold dec. Donovan Maes (Bear Cave), 10-6
First Round: Jarrod Betchtold received a bye

Keith Johnson, 184 pounds (0-2)
Cons. Round 2:  Derek Thomas (Unat) dec. Keith Johnson, 10-3
First Round: Nick Petersen (Colorado Mesa) major Keith Johnson, 10-2

Joe Maletta, 184 pounds (0-2)
Cons. Round 3: Ryan Swanson (Colorado Mines) fall Joe Maletta, 1:02
Cons. Round 2: Joe Maletta received a bye
Second Round: Dalton Franck (Wayland Baptist) fall Joe Maletta, 6:15
First Round: Joe Maletta received a bye

Patrick Gomez, 184 pounds (1-2)
Cons. Round 4: A. Levtushenko (Northwest Kansas Tech) medical forfeit Patrick Gomez
Quarterfinals: Elliot Copeland (Unat) OT Patrick Gomez, 9-7
Second Round: Patrick Gomez dec. Derek Thomas (Unat), 3-1
First Round: Patrick Gomez received a bye

Mark Morrill, 197 pounds (4-2), Fifth Place
Fifth-Place: Mark Morrill major Bradley Price (Colorado Mines), 14-3
Cons. Semifinal: Adam Fager (Unat) fall Mark Morrill, 3:51
Cons. Round 5: Mark Morrill fall Manuel Rocha (Wayland Baptist), 2:08
Cons. Round 4: Mark Morrill (Unat) forfeit Nick Bayer
Cons. Round 3: Mark Morrill dec. Clint Myers (Unat), 6-4
Cons. Round 2: Mark Morrill received a bye
Second Round: Adam Fagar (Unat) major Mark Morrill, 12-3
First Round: Mark Morrill received a bye

Henry Chirino, 285 pounds (4-0), First Place
Finals: Henry Chirino OT Robert Tucker (Colorado Mines), 2-1
Semifinals: Henry Chirino OT Dustin Dennison (Unat), 3-1
Quarterfinals: Henry Chirino dec. Kyle Graulus (Western State), 2-1
Second Round: Henry Chirino dec. Chris Maynes (Colorado Mesa), 9-2
First Round: Henry Chirino received a bye