March 6, 2008

Postgame quotes

March 6, 2008

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Head coach Jaime White

On Danielle Hagen's performance.

"I said it at the beginning of the year. If there's one person I wanted to be just as successful as she could, it would be Danielle. And that's not taking anything away from anybody else, but Danielle has been solid for us. She works hard every day. Even when she was injured, she never complained about it. She's grown from it, and she's been a great example for our team. She means the world to us."


On the Bears' inside dominance

"They were solid. Danielle was solid, and then they went to a small lineup, and we posted up Jamie, and she did a good job. I thought they all played really solid, and level-headed against that pressure. We knew NAU could pressure like that, so we wanted to really play level-headed and just wear through the hard stuff and go on spurts of our own. And we had more of them, and that's how you win, huh?"


"Honestly, I just think everybody played solid tonight. Lizzie played solid, and Courtney played solid - she almost had a double-double with assists. And I just thought they were level-headed and really did their job."


On the Bears' ball movement

"NAU hasn't really been playing their man-to-man defense very much, and the reason is because they play really good on the ball, but off the ball, they really struggle. So we thought we could get it inside a little more and do some break-offs. The 22 assists really reflects our motion offense, and if you're going to run a good motion offense, you better have 18, 19 assists a night. So I think that's a good sign for us -- because we run motion half the time. "


On her mind-set now that the Bears have advanced to the Big Sky Conference tournament

"Now we want it all. Are you kidding? We want it all. We want to go into the tournament 8-8, we want to win the last home game, especially for Danielle. I think it will give us great momentum going into that tournament."


Senior Danielle Hagen

On qualifying for Big Sky Conference tournament

"I think it's really big. We wanted to beat NAU to seal it, so we knew for sure we were going. So everybody was ready to go, and we wanted to win tonight."


"All of us knew we were going to make it. It's one of those things we weren't going to let happen, that we wouldn't be going to the tournament for how well we've been doing so far. I definitely know it's kind of what we had in our minds."


Inside game

"I felt we had a lot better inside game this time than last week.  I think we just took it to them a lot harder this time."


On the Bears' ball movement

"I think we moved the ball really well tonight. That was big for us. When we get all those assists in a game, as a team, we play a whole lot better when we move the ball that way."


On Senior Night on Saturday.

"It hasn't hit yet (that that will be my last home game). I don't think it will hit until Saturday, when it's Senior Night. I definitely want to end with a win on Saturday."


Junior Jamie Schroeder

On qualifying for the Big Sky Conference tournament

"From the beginning, this is what we wanted to do. To know we finally have that secured, especially because a couple weeks have been a little shaky, to know we're going is awesome."


On Danielle Hagen's play

"She's awesome. I love playing with her because I know every night she's going to bring it. She's going to bring everything she has. She had 19 boards tonight! That's amazing. ... She's just an amazing player, and I love playing with her."


"She's such a calm presence on the floor. Even today, when they made a run on is, she was like, `We're fine. We got this.' And then we went on a run. It's so nice to have that kind of presence."


On the Bears' rebounding success

"Coach always focuses on rebounding. We think that's one of the strengths we have is rebounding, because we always find (block out) somebody, and we're always taught to find somebody. I think we did a good job tonight."