August 28, 2013

Through the eyes of a senior: Sean Alexander

Editor's Note: Each practice during fall camp, will sit down with one of the seniors on the team and take a look at the Northern Colorado football team through their eyes. In this installment, defensive lineman Sean Alexander took some time to give his answers to the popular camp questions.

UNC: What are the three main reasons fans should come to your games this year?

Alexander: First of all, we're going to be winning much more, so that will be fun. Secondly, so far, I've heard it will be more of a college, fun-filled environment with a lot of tailgating for the fans and stuff. And third, we're going to win more, I'll repeat that.

UNC: Is there one thing you want to say to naysayers of UNC Football?

Alexander: We're not here to be like it's been in the past. We're here to win. They can naysay all they want, but we're going to do what we have to do.

UNC: Who do you think is the up-and-comer on the defensive line?

Alexander: Oh that definitely will be Myles Overton. He's a (redshirt) freshman right now, and he doesn't know all the plays yet, but he's a strong guy and has really quick feet.

UNC: What's the best stadium you've been to away from Nottingham?

Alexander: That might be the Air Force Falcons' stadium. I played there for a couple years, and it's a really nice stadium.

UNC: Which of your coaches would you most like to face one-on-one from back in their playing days?

Alexander: Maybe Coach (Derrick) Davison. He's an intense guy, and I'd like to go against him.

UNC: Why did you choose UNC?

Alexander: I just switched schools. At first, it was just for academic reasons, and then I learned about the football team and wanted to help out.

UNC: If there was one world issue or social cause you could help raise awareness of, what would it be?

Alexander: That whole every-child-gets-a-ribbon idea. If they understand that there are winners and losers and stuff like that, then everyone wouldn't think that everything is given to them. I think that will help a lot of people because they'll have some responsibility.

UNC: If you could play any of the other sports at UNC, what would it be?

Alexander: It would be (club) rugby, just because a friend of mine always asks me to play rugby with him.

UNC: Which accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

Alexander: I'd say there would be two. The first was when I won a state championship in high school because I'm from Texas and football is very big in Texas, so that was pretty neat. And when I was able to go to the Air Force Academy.

UNC: What song do you find stuck in your head these days?

Alexander: There's a song by J Boog. I can't think of it right now. I was singing it the entire time on the field, and now I can't remember.

UNC: Now we'll ask you some fun questions about your teammates… Who's the best singer on the team?

Alexander: There's a couple people who think they can really sing, but the best is probably myself. I'll throw me out there.

UNC: Who does the best Coach Collins impression?

Alexander: I know someone said I did, but that's not true. But I'd say it's (senior DB) Emanuel Hamilton.

UNC: Who's the comedian of the team?

Alexander: There's a lot of them on the team, including myself. We can say Leilon Willingham, we can say Clarence Bumpas, we can say Zak Thrall. There's quite a few.

UNC: Who's most likely to get on a teammate who is not living up to their potential?

Alexander: That would have to be Clarence. He definitely does that. And so does Leilon.

UNC: Who watches the TV program that shocks you, and what is it?

Alexander: Marcus Forward II watches Glee.

UNC: If you could interview any celebrity, who would it be and what would you want to find out?

Alexander: I would interview Will Smith, because he has this whole deal about positive thinking, and I'd like to find out what's his process through that.

UNC: What's the best place in the world you've ever visited?

Alexander: I haven't visited too many places, but the first thing that comes to mind is Arizona because I was at a Habitat for Humanity thing. I was helping out and having fun at the same time, so I enjoyed that.

UNC: If you could be on any reality TV show, which would you choose?

Alexander: The Voice, not that I can sing that well, but if I could sing that well, I would want to be on The Voice.