August 19, 2013

Through the eyes of a senior: Waylon Lolotai

Editor's Note: Each practice during fall camp, will sit down with one of the seniors on the team and take a look at the Northern Colorado football team through their eyes. Monday marked the beginning of the final week of fall camp with school starting next Monday and the Bears kicked it off with a strong morning practice. After the conclusion, senior tight end Waylon Lolotai sat down to talk about his family and football.

UNC: What do you see as three main reasons fans should come to your games this year?

Lolotai: [TE] Derek [Vander Velde's] face – he's got a great face. The tight end group and our senior class.

UNC: If you could follow only one teammate on Twitter, who would it be and why?

Lolotai: I'd probably follow [C Zak] Thrall. He seems like he'd have an interesting feed.

UNC: Is there one thing you want to say to the naysayers of UNC football?

Lolotai: I would say come watch our games and then come talk about it after.

UNC: Who do you think is the up-and-comer at the tight end position?

Lolotai: Derek Vander Velde. He's our youngest tight end that's not redshirting and I think he's going to be a great tight end as he continues to mature this season.

UNC: What's the best stadium you've played at away from Nottingham?

Lolotai: I'd say Portland State. That's a really nice stadium.

UNC: Of all your current coaches, who would you most like to face 1-on-1 from back in their playing days?

Lolotai: I'd like to go against Coach Carpenter, he seems like a competitor. His playing days weren't too long ago and it would be a good challenge.

UNC: Why did you choose UNC?

Lolotai: I chose UNC because I like the atmosphere here. The coaching staff is young here, they're on fire and they seem to have a vision in mind.

UNC: If there was one world issue/social cause you could help increase awareness of/help end, what would it be?

Lolotai: Human trafficking. It's been my thesis for a lot of my projects and hopefully for my master's capstone.

UNC: If you could play any of the other sports at UNC, which would it be?

Lolotai: If it was an intercollegiate sport, I would pick Frisbee golf. Volleyball is fun, so I'd play volleyball.

UNC: You've achieved a lot so far in your life. Which accomplishment are you most proud of?

Lolotai: I'm most proud of my family: my wife [Melissa] and son [Luka].

UNC: What song do you find stuck in your head these days?

Lolotai: The song by Malino called "Never Go Astray." It's a group from Maui and I've been signing it in the shower lately.

UNC: If you could interview any star, who would it be and what would you want to find out?

Lolotai: I'd interview my grandfather. He was the first Samoan NFL Player [Al Lolotai, Washington Redskins, 1945], but he died before I got to know him, but I'd probably ask him if he was proud of my achievements so far.

UNC: What's the best place in the world you've visited?

Lolotai: My favorite place in Hawai'i was Kailua Bay. My wife and I really liked to go there.

UNC: If you could be on any reality TV show, which would you choose and why?

Lolotai: Duck Dynasty because they're awesome.

UNC: Now we're going to ask you some fun questions about your teammates… Who is the best singer on the team?

Lolotai: [TE] Dajuan Mack, number 19.

UNC: Who does the best Coach Collins imitation?

Lolotai: One of the DB's, Emanuel Hamilton, he's got some good impressions.

UNC: Who's the comedian of the group?

Lolotai: [RB] Rob Holland.

UNC: Who's the most likely to get on another teammate when they're not living up to their potential?

Lolotai: [TE/FB] Sawyere Monson, he's always a sideline coach over there.

UNC: Who watches the TV show that shocks you and what is it?

Lolotai: I caught everybody watching Powder Puff Girls in the locker room the other day.