Natasha Law
NCAA Division I National
Representative - Big Sky
Tatum Boehnke
Swimming & Diving
J.J. Wykstra
Tara Rickenbach
Vice President -
Bear Pride
Jasmine Fryrear
Vice President -
Swimming & Diving
Ashley Atkin
Vice President -
Cross Country 
Adriana Nieto
Vice President -
Community Service

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Northern Colorado Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) is to make available enhanced college experiences and opportunities for student-athletes to be successful in future endeavors. SAAC will continually build positive relationships with members of the community and the university through community service projects and student-athlete sponsored events. A central component of SAAC is to continually develop lines of communication between all Northern Colorado student-athletes by projecting a true sense of family and providing positive influences to all. It is imperative that student-athletes have an active voice and that SAAC continually enhances the caring, thoughtful and academic image of Northern Colorado student-athletes.


1. Quickly and efficiently solve problems that are brought to the attention of SAAC members.
2. Encourage unity, common purpose, and camaraderie between teams and student-athletes.
3. Promote and support the overall mission of the Northern Colorado Athletic Department and intercollegiate athletics at all levels.
4. Provide feedback and insight into athletic department issues.
5. Build a sense of community within the athletic program involving all sponsored sports.
6. Embody the voice of the student-athlete.

Membership Principles

1. Membership is selected by current SAAC representatives, head coaches, and the Director of Student-Athlete Academic Support.
2. SAAC representatives are not limited to appointment - student-athletes may occasionally participate in the council if they so desire.
3. SAAC representatives are responsible for having their particular team represented at every SAAC meeting.

Executive Members and Officers

1. Two presidents
2. Five vice-presidents
3. Two board of Athletic Control Representatives: one male and one female
4. One Gender Equity Taskforce representative
5. One Diversity Taskforce representative