Northern Colorado Licensing Program

The Bear Backer Program
The purpose of the Licensing Program at the University of Northern Colorado is to protect the name and marks of the University, while enhancing the institution's image. This is ensured through the approval of the use of the marks on high quality, tasteful merchandise. The goodwill of the University provides value to the marks and items which bear them, and it is the responsibility of the Office of Licensing to ensure that this value is shared with the University. By requiring payment for permission to use the marks, the Office of Licensing incurs the obligation to actively prohibit their unauthorized use.

For a current list of vendors please contact Julie Hill at (970) 351-2979 or

What is licensable?
Collegiate Licensing Company licenses products that refer to the University of Northern Colorado. This includes any use of the official University marks (e.g., the seal, the interlocking UNC, the stair step UNC, the variations of the bear logo, and all of the words, University of Northern Colorado Bears, UNC, Bears, and Northern Colorado Bears). It also includes items in which there may be a likelihood of confusion regarding the origin of the goods, such as the use of the words "Northern Colorado" in the school colors of blue and gold, or the use of a likeness of a bear to imply affiliation with the University.

Use of University marks for promotions
It is the general policy of the University of Northern Colorado to avoid the endorsement of any product. Therefore, marks will not be used in an explicit product endorsement. They may be used implicitly, however, in conjunction with another corporate mark, with the approval of the Office of Licensing, in the following situations:

  • When used in advertising promotions in which the University mark is not included on the product, and no explicit relationship between the University and the manufacturer is stated.
  • When used on a product and no explicit relationship between the University and the manufacturer is stated.
  • When used by a University sponsor and use of the marks for endorsement is agreed upon by the Office of Licensing and the Office of University Counsel as part of the sponsorship agreement. University marks may also be used temporarily by a commercial establishment in support of the University, as in a banner across the entrance saying, "Go Bears!" University word marks may be integrated into the name of a business only under the terms and conditions of an executed Rights Agreement. The Office of Licensing reserves the right to prohibit such use when it is deemed to be in bad taste or in violation of any part of this policy.

    Items purchased by University departments for their use within the institution are exempt from royalties only if these items are required for school use. School use is defined as an official University function that is mandatory in nature, by the function's relationship to the University's department or student group. All items for resale without profit or for profit are not exempted from the royalty fee. Items which qualify for exemption from royalty payments much be purchased from licensed manufacturers, and all artwork must be approved by the Office of Licensing prior to use.

    The Office of Licensing is charged not only with issuing licenses to qualifying manufacturers of merchandise incorporating the institutional marks, but also to verify that unlicensed products are not in the marketplace. Upon discovery of an offending product, it is the policy of the Office of Licensing to notify the retailer and manufacturer of the necessity to cease and desist in the production and sale of the merchandise. If this request is ignored, legal action will be pursued to stop the unauthorized production and sale, and appropriate damages will be collected.

    Income received from royalties
    When entering into a licensing agreement with UNC, a $150 royalty deposit is paid to the Unviersity. 7.5% royalty fees are paid to the University at the conclusion of each quarter. Revenues from the Licensing Program are used in the support of educational programs at the University of Northern Colorado.

    To apply for a license for Northern Colorado marks, please contact:

          Collegiate Licensing Company
          1075 Peachtree Street, Ste. 3300
          Atlanta, GA 30309